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Pick 6 fantasy football: Week 13 leaderboard

Taking a look at which Pride Of Detroit users topped the Week 13 leaderboard for SB Nation Pick 6.


The Week 13 Pride Of Detroit leaderboard for SB Nation Pick 6 had a lot of familiar names near the top. At the very top was rico1080, who scored 97.0 points in Week 13. This was the best score for POD even though it didn't make the top 20 of the overall leaderboard.

Here's a look the top 10 for POD:

  1. rico1080 (97.0 points)
  2. (95.4)
  3. bwilley (92.4)
  4. DownTheFieldNGain (89.7)
  5. Adrian Dirtbags (89.0)
  6. LionFanInWisonsin (88.4)
  7. BarkingLions (86.3)
  8. ncbur10 (83.0)
  9. TheSpecial1 (82.5)
  10. Doc' (81.4)

The overall winner for Week 13 was BinkDeBook from Dawgs By Nature, SB Nation's Cleveland Browns blog, with 116.0 points. A nice combo of Cam Newton, Bryce Brown and Calvin Johnson helped push BinkDeBook to the top for Week 13.

As always, you have until the start of the Thursday night game to set your lineup for Pick 6. If you haven't already, go here and pick your six players now.

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