Yahoo! news on Suh

Here's the link to the story.. The whole thing is mainly about how 1 unnamed player slams Suh for his play and antics. but is a decent article give it a read it points out a few things and makes some valid points.

My problem is that don't be a chicken sh*t and let them report who said it. You are big enough to speak up now be big enough own it.

Now he's gotten better with all his antics and personal fouls but the NFL is purely gunning for him. like the kick to the groin and all.. which in my eyes you would have to be Chuck Norris pull off. Just leave my boy alone and stop hating on him from the networks to the on air personalities.

With that being said I do think he needs to hire a personal driver he needs to stop getting tickets and accidents and then we should stop hearing about him, except for his play on the field

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