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Who has the best nickname in the NFL?

Who has the NFL's best nickname? That's easy. The man they call Megatron.


When it comes to nicknames in the NFL, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson can't be beat. Gillette posed a question about this subject this week, and to me it's clear that Megatron is by far the best nickname in the league, and I'm not just saying that because this is a Lions blog. Here are a few main reasons why Megatron is the very best:

  • It wasn't forced. Johnson's nickname came about when Roy Williams called him Megatron one day. There was no marketing effort for the nickname to stick, but it did anyway. Fans quickly adopted Megatron as Johnson's nickname, and now players, coaches and even announcers know him by it as well.
  • He actually lives up to it. Johnson emerged as one of the best players in all of the NFL last season, and he's currently on pace to break the single-season NFL receiving record this year. Not only did Johnson earn a nickname from Transformers, but he continues to show each week why he got the nickname in the first place.
  • It's unique. I can't recall another player in the NFL or sports being nicknamed Megatron, and I can't imagine we will see anybody else ever take the nickname. At this point, it's synonymous with Johnson.
  • Other players try to match it. Perhaps the best part of Megatron is seeing opposing cornerbacks take on the nickname Optimus Prime the week of their game against the Lions. They try to get in the mindset of somebody who has to stop Megatron so much that they coin their own nickname from Transformers. That just shows how great Johnson is as a player and how great Megatron is as a nickname.

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