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Lions Secondary Coach Tim Walton Gets A Promotion

The Detroit Lions made two adjustments to their coaching staff on Monday. In addition to hiring Marcus Robertson to be the assistant secondary coach, the Lions also changed the job title of Tim Walton, the team's main secondary coach. He is now the secondary coach and the third down package coach, meaning he will be in charge of the Lions' third down packages in 2012.

Here is what head coach Jim Schwartz had to say about Walton's promotion:

"Tim is a valuable member of our staff and we're increasing the scope of his duties," Schwartz said. "Third down defense is a very important part of football."

Walton passed up a chance to join the St. Louis Rams this offseason. Combined with the news earlier today that the Tennessee Titans' old secondary coach was coming to Detroit to be an assistant to Walton, there was already some speculation that Walton's role might be expanding. Now that we know it is in fact expanding, it seems like a sign that the Lions see Walton as somebody who could potentially be the defensive coordinator in the future.