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Roger Goodell To Discuss Future Of Pro Bowl At NFL Combine

I don't agree with Roger Goodell on many things, but one area where he seems to clearly side with the fans is on the state of the NFL Pro Bowl. In recent years, the Pro Bowl has become such a joke in terms of the quality of the football being played that many have suggested it be eliminated. Surprisingly, Goodell actually seems open to that possibility if improvements in the quality of play aren't made. He said earlier this month that canceling the game is a consideration, and earlier this week he reiterated that the Pro Bowl needs to change or it could simply be eliminated.

How real is abolishing the Pro Bowl and trying something new?

"Well it goes back to quality. It’s important for us whatever we do that we do it well. That is reflects well on the game and the players and the coaches and the NFL. I don’t think the Pro Bowl the last couple of years reflected well on the NFL or the players. I said to the union leadership that I’ll be meeting with the players at the combine next week to further these discussions that if we can’t improve what we are doing then we’ll have to consider eliminating the game and we are serious about that because we are going to make sure whatever we do is going to be of the highest quality."

I'm a bit skeptical of Goodell's threat to eliminate the game just because the ratings have done well despite the low quality of football that is played in the Pro Bowl. Then again, it is a bit of a black eye on the NFL for a game like that to be so ugly. I suppose most all-star games are similar in terms of the quality of play, but the NFL needs to look at either doing something different or not wasting people's time with the Pro Bowl in the future.