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VIDEO: TMZ 'Interviews' Matthew Stafford At Airport

Although he was the No. 1 overall pick in 2009 and showed a lot of promise on the field, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford wasn't exactly someone you would expect to find on a celebrity gossip site in his first couple years in the NFL. After throwing for more than 5,000 yards and leading the Lions to the playoffs in 2011, those days are over. Stafford has spent this offseason winning various awards, and when he was at LAX on Sunday returning from the Hall of Game Awards, TMZ caught up with him.

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Stafford, who appeared to be understandably uncomfortable with being filmed by a paparazzi, answered questions about how much his arm is insured for (it's not), what his contract bans him from doing (riding motorcycles, skydiving, etc.) and what his first big purchase was after he signed his contract (a new house for his parents).

Perhaps the funniest thing is that in its story, TMZ notes that Stafford is a Pro Bowl quarterback. He wasn't in 2011, but I guess his play on the field even has people outside of football thinking he should have received that honor.

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