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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Peter Konz To The Lions

As much as people like to talk about how the Detroit Lions need to plan for the future at left tackle, it seems like sometimes the need to plan for the future at center is ignored. Like Jeff Backus, Dominic Raiola isn't getting any younger, and in the next few years the Lions will likely need to find someone to eventually step in for him in the starting lineup. In SB Nation's latest 2012 NFL mock draft, they have Wisconsin's Peter Konz being selected 23rd overall as a potential replacement for Raiola.

The Lions need to get younger and better along their offensive line. Konz has the strength and the technique to make a difference right away for the Lions. Secondary help is an option here, too.

There seem to be a lot of intriguing options on the offensive line that should still be on the board when the Lions go on the clock. Konz is definitely one of them, as he is a player who seems like he could step in for Raiola and become the Lions' franchise center. The Lions don't need to make an immediate change at the position, so someone like Konz could come in and be groomed as Raiola's replacement.

Although he went in the first round in this mock draft, there has been a lot of chatter that Konz will ultimately end up being a second-round pick. If that's the case, a situation I wouldn't mind seeing is one where the Lions trade down, gain an extra pick or two (perhaps a future first-rounder) and still end up with a solid player like Konz. This could give them a player they still potentially want and give them more picks down the road. (This is also known as the New England Patriots method of drafting.)

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