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VIDEO: TMZ Mistakes Eddie George For Calvin Johnson

What's a great sign that it's the offseason? Two posts referencing TMZ in the span of a few days.

Earlier this week, TMZ caught up with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was returning from the Hall of Game Awards out in Los Angeles. Stafford won the award for best "Dynamic Duo" along with wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Separately, a cameraman from TMZ apparently thought he found the other part of the duo at the airport as well. That was not the case at all, though. In reality, TMZ caught up with Eddie George, who looks nothing like Calvin Johnson. This didn't stop the cameraman from conducting an entire "interview" as if it was Johnson rather than George, who played along. The end result was a pretty funny (and at the same time stupid) video. Take a look after the jump.

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Props to George for playing along until the end and making a fool out of the cameraman. I could understand the mistake if Johnson actually looked like him, but this would be like if they thought Stafford was Peyton Manning or something.