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Kansas City Chiefs May Be Guilty Of Tampering With Peyton Manning

In December 2010, the Kansas City Chiefs alleged that the Detroit Lions were guilty of tampering. Around this time a year ago, the NFL agreed and ultimately decided to punish the Lions by forcing them to swap draft picks with the Chiefs in the fifth round last year and stripping them of their sixth-round pick this year (that decision came after an appeal).

Now it appears the shoe is on the other foot. Lately, the Chiefs have been a little careless when it comes to discussing quarterbacks. Specifically, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said a bit too much about Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne while at the NFL Combine. Here is the quote in question regarding Manning:

On Manning, who is under contract with the Colts but soon could be released, Crennel said, "I’m not supposed to talk about anyone else’s players. He’s still a player with Indianapolis. But with a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he were available. I’ll leave it at that."

Add this to the fact that there was a report last week about how the Chiefs have had conversations about Manning with his agent and I think you have all the makings of a tampering case. After all, the Lions were found guilty based on Gunther Cunningham simply saying he would like to "catch a lot of" the players the Chiefs were dumping. If that's enough to be considered tampering, then I don't think there's any doubt that the Chiefs have been guilty of it as well.

(And yes, I'm still bitter about the tampering case.)

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