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Two Former Lions Linemen Make It To Super Bowl

During training camp, one of the more bizarre stories was the exit of offensive tackle Tony Ugoh. He was expected to be a solid depth player on the offensive line, but he suddenly left the team in the middle of camp. There was some talk that he was planning to retire, but he turned up in December with the New York Giants and is now in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. During media day earlier in the week, he was asked about what happened in Detroit and addressed a rumor about a "meltdown" during a team meeting.

"There wasn't any dust-up in a meeting," said Ugoh, a five-year veteran signed by the Lions in 2010 but never played. "I just had some personal issues I had to take care of. I had to take care of myself first and that's the decision (to leave the Lions) I had to make."

Offensive guard Donald Thomas exited the Lions when he was released during the final round of roster cuts. While he was a solid depth player on the offensive line, the Lions went in a different direction and let him go. He ended up landing with the New England Patriots, and he is also in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. This week, he talked about his exit from the Lions and his time in Detroit.

"No bad feelings," he said. "Detroit gave me a chance last year to be on the team and I'm thankful for that, and just thankful that I got another opportunity to play."

Since Ugoh and Thomas are on opposing teams, one former Lions lineman is guaranteed to be walking away with a Super Bowl title on Sunday.