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NFL To Expand Automatic Replay Rules In 2012?

The NFL's replay system provides a lot of moments of frustration because of how the rules are set up. That was especially true in Week 17 when the Detroit Lions were playing the Green Bay Packers. The Lions were on the wrong side of some really questionable calls involving fumbles, one of which was correctly overturned after Jim Schwartz challenged it. A second questionable call involving a fumble was somehow upheld, and just like that the Lions were out of challenges in the first half.

This proved to be costly because of what happened later in the first half. Matthew Stafford found Titus Young in the back corner of the end zone, and Young made an outstanding catch for what appeared to be a touchdown. The official near the end zone ruled the pass incomplete, however. The Lions were unable to challenge the call, and since it wasn't a scoring play, there was no automatic review. The rule made little sense considering it was clearly a touchdown, and this particular play may have sparked some change going forward.

This offseason, the NFL may change the rules again so that not only scoring plays but also plays in the end zone that aren’t ruled a touchdown or safety on the field get reviewed.

"Whether you scored or you didn’t score, should we review that automatically?" Goodell said.

To answer Roger Goodell's question, yes, the play should be reviewed. Just because the Lions were out of challenges doesn't mean they should have been screwed out of a touchdown on an obviously blown call, especially when the call would have been reviewed if the official had ruled it a catch.

While nothing has officially been changed yet about this rule, Goodell said the NFL competition committee will review the issue during the offseason.