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Detroit Lions Raise Ticket Prices For Next Season

For the first time in five years, the Detroit Lions are raising ticket prices. Tom Lewand, the Lions' president, announced the rise in prices on Friday. Here are the basics on what will be changing and by how much:

"Most everyone will see a price increase this year," he said. "Most of them are about four or five percent, 30,000 seats are four to five percent, a few are higher than that, like our $90 seats at the 50-yard line go to $99. So, on average, it will go up just under eight percent at 7.9 percent."

According to Lewand, even with the change the Lions will rank around 23rd or 24th in the NFL in average ticket prices. That's not bad for a team coming off of a playoff run.

I'm sure many fans will not be thrilled with the change, but it was really an inevitable move. The Lions hadn't raised ticket prices in a while, and in fact, they were one of only three teams in the last three years that didn't up their average ticket price, according to Tim Twentyman. Considering fans do actually have a team worth paying to watch now, I don't have an issue with the increase.

If you're interested, you can check out the phone message from Lewand to Lions season-ticket holders that went out on Friday. (Via the Free Press)

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