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Todd McShay's 2012 NFL Mock Draft Has Lions Taking Cordy Glenn

ESPN's Todd McShay released his latest 2012 NFL mock draft earlier this week. In it, he has the Detroit Lions selecting Georgia offensive lineman Cordy Glenn. SB Nation's latest 2012 NFL mock draft also has the Lions going with Glenn. Like SB Nation, McShay likes Glenn's versatility.

There is no cornerback or linebacker available who is worth this pick, so it might be an opportunity for the Lions to trade back with a team looking to trade up and get a quarterback like Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M) or Brock Osweiler (Arizona State). If not, Glenn is a solid pick. He has the size and power to thrive at guard in the NFL and could develop into a solid right tackle at some point. He held up well against top pass-rushers at the Senior Bowl but is still a work in progress at that position.

Considering the Lions have a more pressing need to find a future left tackle than right tackle, and considering they don't have vacancies at either of the starting guard spots, I'm not so sure I understand McShay's thinking. If the Lions are going to go with an offensive lineman, it shouldn't be a guard that might be able to develop into a right tackle.

Personally, I'd rather see the Lions go with someone like offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, but he went 18th to the San Diego Chargers in McShay's mock draft. I do like the idea of trading down, as the Lions might be able to snag an extra pick or two and pick up someone like Wisconsin center Peter Konz, who isn't predicted to be a first-round pick by McShay.