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NFL Pro Bowl On The Chopping Block?

To many, the effort put forth by the players in the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl was insulting. To others, it was yet another example of why the game should either be dramatically changed or simply done away with. The game, if you can even call it that, was really nothing more than 60 minutes of flag football, and it seemed like a waste of everybody's time.

In the wake of this year's Pro Bowl, it seems even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is taking notice of how awful the game has been lately. From Adam Schefter:

I highly, highly doubt the Pro Bowl will be eliminated given that it is still drawing in a ton of viewers. Now, if people weren't even bothering to tune in, I could totally see a decision like that being made. As long as people watch, it's probably not going anywhere, though.

Looking ahead to next year's Pro Bowl (assuming there is one), Pro Football Talk reports that it will likely be held in New Orleans, the site of Super Bowl 47. I'm not sure why the NFL is considering a move back to the site of the Super Bowl, but if that does happen look for even more players than usual to skip it because of an "injury." New Orleans is a fun city, but in terms of an end-of-season vacation and a reason to actually play in the Pro Bowl, I don't think it compares to Hawaii.

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