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Gosder Cherilus, Louis Delmas Receive Bump In 2012 Salary

It turns out quarterback Matthew Stafford isn't the only Detroit Lions player who received an increase in his base salary for 2012. Offensive tackle Gosder Cherilus and safety Louis Delmas also triggered escalators that will give them a higher salary next season, according to Dave Birkett.

Specifically, Cherilus will have a base salary of $2.31 million in 2012. This is up from $1.56 million, meaning his salary went up by $750,000. As for Delmas, his salary went up about $115,000. Originally he was set to make $822,000 in 2012, but now he will get a salary of "just over" $937,000.

Last month, we found out that Stafford's salary went up by $1 million because he hit certain performance incentives in 2011. He will make $11.5 million in 2012 as a result, bringing his cap number up to slightly more than $17 million.

Calvin Johnson is also scheduled to be paid more next season based on what he did this past season. He didn't increase his base salary for 2012, but he did trigger a $4.5 million contract bonus by finishing at the top of several receiving categories. Of course, this is based on the assumption that he doesn't get a new deal. If he does, then all of the bonuses and stuff like that will be reworked.