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2012 NFL Draft: Rams Agree To Trade Second Overall Pick To Redskins

The 2012 NFL Draft is shaping up to be pretty anticlimactic for the first part of the opening round. With Peyton Manning being released by the Indianapolis Colts this week, they are a lock to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III is a lock to be the second overall pick, and now we know that he will be headed to the Washington Redskins, which have worked out a deal to acquire the St. Louis Rams' first-round pick.

The Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams reportedly agreed to a trade in the 2012 NFL draft next month. The Redskins will give up their No. 6 overall pick, two future first-round picks and a second-round pick in exchange for the Rams' No. 2 overall pick and, presumably, the rights to Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, who is widely considered the second best quarterback prospect behind Stanford's Andrew Luck.

That is an awful lot to give up to move up only four spots. Then again, the Redskins have been searching for a franchise quarterback for a long, long time, and they obviously felt that making a move to get Griffin III was necessary. I can't really fault them too much, and I have to applaud the Rams for getting such a nice haul in return for the second pick.

Even if you don't think the Redskins' move to give up so much was smart, it wasn't the dumbest decision that came out on Friday night. That distinction belongs to the New York Jets, which signed Mark Sanchez to an extension worth $58.25 million ($20.5 million is reportedly guaranteed). So much for that whole idea that 2012 was going to be a make or break year for Sanchez.

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