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NFL Salary Cap Will Reportedly Be Around $120.6 Million

Despite the new NFL league year beginning on Tuesday, the salary cap number for 2012 still hasn't been officially determined. I don't know what the NFL and NFLPA are waiting for, but you would think they would give teams a little more notice considering you have to be compliant with the cap by 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

Obviously teams have a general idea of what the cap will be and can plan ahead by shedding some salary or restructuring deals, but an exact number would be nice. Actually, I should say an exact number that is confirmed and not just reported by Jay Glazer.

Pro Football Talk reported earlier in the day that the cap number will be "communicated to the teams on Monday." Officially, that will give teams one day to get in compliance with the cap if they aren't already. The Detroit Lions are believed to be one of the teams over the cap, so some restructuring of contracts may be necessary before Tuesday when the new league year begins.

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