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Mario Williams Signs With Buffalo Bills

Aside from one strange rumor from Adam Schefter, there was no real indication that the Detroit Lions were in the mix for defensive end Mario Williams. There were, however, plenty of rumblings about him potentially ending up signing with the Chicago Bears, which would have been bad news for Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense.

Luckily, Williams will not be coming to the NFC North. He has decided to sign a six-year deal with the Buffalo Bills that could be worth up to $96 million. I'll let Aaron Rodgers sum up my thoughts on Williams signing with the Bills.

The Bills are building a really solid defense. We saw signs of a possible turnaround early on last season before they faded down the stretch. Now, with the addition of Williams, it will be interesting to see how the Bills are able to compete in the AFC East.

UPDATE: Stafford actually rewteeted Rodgers' message and added, "Ditto." Clearly, there are a lot quarterbacks glad Williams is going to the AFC.

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