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Jeff Backus' Deal With Lions Reportedly Worth $10 Million

The numbers are out on Jeff Backus' new two-year deal with the Detroit Lions. From Adam Schefter:

That's probably a bit higher than some were expecting, but then again, Backus does play left tackle. His last deal with the Lions, by comparison, was $38 million over six years, and Backus had been making around $5 million in salary the last few years, so his new deal won't be much of a change in that regard.

I know many were hoping for the Lions to go in a different direction and sign somebody like Marcus McNeill, but I have a feeling he would have cost more than $10 million over two seasons. I suppose we will have to wait and see where he signs and what kind of deal he gets to know for sure, but in the grand scheme of things, the Lions probably saved themselves some money by bringing Backus back.

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