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Lions Anticipate More Primetime Games In Future

While talking to season-ticket holders during a town hall meeting on Monday, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and president Tom Lewand both said that they expect the team to be involved in more primetime games going forward. Before last season, the Lions only got on national TV on Thanksgiving. In 2011, however, the Lions had a Monday Night Football game at home and also appeared on NBC's Sunday night telecast later in the season at the New Orleans Saints.

With the Lions actually winning games last season and having several young stars, Lewand said he wouldn't be surprised if NBC comes to Detroit for a Sunday night game at some point in the future.

"I’m not saying we’re going to get a Sunday night game this year," Lewand said. "I don’t know that yet. But it would not surprise me, if we saw that on the schedule, if that was a home game in Detroit. And that’s in large part because of you (fans), because of what our city did with (the Monday game)."

Lewand also said that after the Monday night game the Lions had, people from both the NFL and NBC said that they wanted "some of that." It will be tough to replicate the atmosphere at that game, but you can bet Lions fans would get up for a Sunday night game.

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