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Tom Lewand Sheds Light On Changes Coming To Lions' Uniforms

In about a week and a half, Nike will unveil its new uniforms for all 32 NFL teams. The unveiling will give fans a chance to finally see what the NFL will look like on the field in 2012. There has been speculation for the better part of a year about what the new uniforms will look like, and soon we will find out.

No drastic changes are expected for the majority of the teams in the NFL. While some teams may go with more of an edgier look than others, the expectation is that for year one of this new partnership, Nike will go conservative (by its standards, anyway). That sounds like the plan for the Lions, as team president Tom Lewand confirmed earlier this week that the design isn't really changing, but the fabric and make-up of their uniform is.

"You’re not going to see a lot of visual difference, design difference in the uniforms. It’ll look very much the same as the uniforms that we have right now so everybody wearing your (Ndamukong) Suh jerseys and your (Matthew) Stafford jerseys, you’re safe. What will be different is the technology behind the uniform. You’ll see a lot more of the fabrics and the lines and the makeup that you see in quite frankly a lot of the major college programs. That’ll be the big change for us out of the gate."

The specific date of the uniform unveiling is April 3. You can bet Pride of Detroit will have full coverage of what the Lions' Nike uniforms look like, so check back in next month for more on this topic.

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