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Lions Not Finding Much On Trade Market

Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew was able to take the franchise from 0-16 to the playoffs in just three short years because he had a plan to rebuild. Part of that plan included adding talent through the draft and free agency. Another big part was making moves via trades. Mayhew was especially busy in the trade market in the 2010 offseason, acquiring players like Corey Williams, Chris Houston, Rob Sims, Tony Scheffler and Lawrence Jackson.

Mayhew would like to continue adding talent to the roster by making trades, but so far he hasn't had much luck in finding any deals worth doing this offseason.

"We're looking at some opportunities now, but those opportunities are available to us around the draft, after the draft, for next year, even during the season, so we just continue to look," Mayhew said Monday at a town-hall meeting for season-ticket holders. "And right now we haven't had as much good fortune in that area the last few months, but we plan to keep working at it."

All of the deals Mayhew made in 2010 led to the term "Mayhewing" being coined, as he was able to add a lot of talent without giving up very much. Let's hope that as the offseason progresses, some moves do come around and Mayhew is able to once again work his trade magic.

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