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NFL Compensatory Picks 2012: Lions Receive Zero Additional Selections

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The NFL handed out compensatory picks for the 2012 NFL Draft today, finally establishing the full seven-round order. As expected, the Detroit Lions were not given any compensatory picks since they didn't lose more free agents than they gained last offseason. They also didn't receive any compensatory picks at the end of the seventh round, which is when some teams picked up extra selections as the NFL filled out its draft order.

As it stands right now, the Lions have seven picks for 2012. They have one pick in each of the first five rounds, none in the sixth round and it is believed that they have two in the seventh round. Their sixth-round pick was forfeited because of the tampering charges brought forth by the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Lions received an undisclosed pick from the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for Tyler Polumbus two offseasons ago. (It is assumed that the undisclosed pick is a seventh-rounder.)

Here's the breakdown of picks the Lions have:

  • Round 1 - own pick
  • Round 2 - own pick
  • Round 3 - own pick
  • Round 4 - own pick
  • Round 5 - own pick
  • Round 6 - forfeited
  • Round 7 - own pick
  • Undisclosed (believed to be in Round 7) - from Seattle

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