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Tom Lewand Discusses Potential Impact Of New TV Contracts On Salary Cap

With the NFL salary cap becoming a big factor in roster moves this offseason, there has been a lot of discussion as of late about how much it might go up in future years. Specifically, when new TV contracts go into effect in 2014, the thinking has been that the big jump in revenues will result in a huge increase in the salary cap. For teams like the Detroit Lions, which have been dealing with limited space all offseason, a significant increase would be welcomed.

On Monday at the NFL owners meetings, Lions president Tom Lewand was asked about the salary cap, and he didn't seem all that confident that it will have a spike in the future. He mentioned that there haven't been many spikes in the cap in the past despite new TV deals coming into play, and even if there ends up being a spike in a couple years, it's important to be cognizant of the fact that there is a limit.

"I think the danger that you can get into, from a cap perspective, is thinking that there’s some amnesty year, or if you kick the can down the road far enough that, somehow, it’ll fall off the edge of the earth. It doesn’t. The can’s still there when you kick it."

While the cap has limited the Lions this offseason, they have been able to at least re-sign most of the free agents that they wanted to bring back. They have had to restructure contracts in order to make these moves possible, but Lewand has shown in the past that he can be very creative in creating cap room for the Lions.

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