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Lions Notes: Recapping Martin Mayhew's Comments At NFL Owners Meetings

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Earlier this week at the NFL owners meetings in Florida, Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew met with the media. Below is a rundown of what he had to say.

  • According to Mayhew, the Lions will begin their draft meetings next week.
  • Mayhew had an interesting quote about the draft:

    "I really believe the draft is as much about who you’re not going to take as it is about who you’re going to take. And as we get through this and we start to filter through some information, it’s going to become apparent the guys that we’d rather not take."

  • According to Mayhew, the Lions discovered fullback James Bryant, who they signed a couple weeks ago, when running backs coach Sam Gash was at the pro day for Miami (Florida). Bryant worked out and Gash liked what he saw enough to invite Bryant up to Allen Park for a workout. The Lions then made the decision to sign him after watching the workout. Before Gash saw him at Miami, Mayhew, like most of us, had never even heard of him.

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