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Lions Reportedly Have Around $4.5 Million In Cap Space

NFL free agency has been underway for almost three weeks now, and we have seen quite a transformation with the Detroit Lions' salary cap space. The Lions went from being over the cap in the days leading up to the start of free agency, to being slightly under the cap, to having quite a bit of room after Calvin Johnson signed his new deal and to now currently being around $4.5 million under the cap. Here's where things stand right now (via Jason La Canfora):

Detroit Lions
Current contracts: 47
Previous year carryover: $1,364,071.00
Adjustments: $2,802,484.00
Adjusted cap: $124,766,555.00
Team cap: $120,246,822.00
Cap room: $4,519,733.00
Team cash: $117,573,300.00

The key thing right there is the cap room number. Right now, the Lions have $4,519,733 to work with. That's enough to continue to make some moves, and considering they have made several signings already, it's pretty impressive that they still have that much space to work with considering what the situation looked like before free agency began.

In case you're wondering, the Carolina Panthers have the least amount of cap space right now with only $623,978 available. The Cincinnati Bengals have the most cap space with $20,580,049 still available.

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