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VIDEO: Bold Trade Prediction For Detroit Lions On Draft Day

Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew hasn't pulled the trigger on any trades this offseason. This is mainly because there just haven't been any deals that have come along and really seemed worth making. Unlike a couple offseasons ago, things have been very quiet on the trade front.

With the NFL Draft nearing, there is an expectation for trade talk to start heating up. That's not to say that any deals will actually happen involving the Lions, but typically there are several trades made during the draft. Some involve strictly picks, while others involve players and picks.

For his latest video for SB Nation and Pride of Detroit, Jerry Mallory takes a look at the draft by making a bold prediction about a trade involving the Lions, New England Patriots and Cliff Avril. This isn't the first time a possible trade involving Avril has been talked about, but Jerry outlines a specific deal and what the Lions can do with the compensation they would receive in return for him. Check it out:

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