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Lions' 2012 Schedule Could Include A Lot Of Primetime Games, Speculates Tom Lewand

One of the common themes of speculation about the Detroit Lions' 2012 schedule is that it will include at least a few primetime games. Everybody's hopes were raised when the supposedly leaked schedule included four primetime games for the Lions, but that turned out to be fake. Even so, there remains quite a bit of optimism that the Lions will be featured in primetime quite a bit in 2012, as evidenced by this tweet from Lions president Tom Lewand:

If I had to guess, I would go with four primetime games for the Lions. In addition to the Thanksgiving game, which will be against either the Indianapolis Colts or Houston Texans, I have a feeling the Lions will be featured in two Monday night games and one Sunday night game. I'm thinking the Sunday night game will be in Detroit, while the games on Monday night will feature one in Detroit and one on the road (likely against a division rival).

What are your thoughts on the Lions' 2012 schedule? Will the Colts or Texans be coming to town for Thanksgiving? How many times will the Lions be featured on national television? In general, what are your hopes for what the schedule will look like?

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