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2012 POD Mock Draft: New England Patriots Select Brandon Boykin

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With the 48th pick of Pride of Detroit's 2012 NFL mock draft, the New England Patriots select Georgia cornerback Brandon Boykin. Mavyrk is serving as the Patriots' general manager, and his reasoning for the pick is below.

I feel pretty good about securing both a pass rusher and an interior lineman for the Patriots in the first round. I have a luxury in front of me in the form of great value, great need and a mix of each. Orson Charles having slipped this far is a bit surprising, but I don't feel good about picking him up since he would basically just be a less polished Aaron Hernandez. I also wouldn't feel good about picking up Dwayne Allen over Orson Charles. Although I'm high on Brandon Brooks, I don't feel the need to grab another interior lineman this high. And lastly, while I like what Mohamed Sanu brings to the table, I don't feel he's a proper fit for the Patriot way. This leaves me with five players on my big board, all in the defensive back seven.

On the cornerback side of the equation, I've got options in Brandon Boykin, Jamell Fleming, Josh Norman and Casey Hayward. Neither Fleming nor Hayward can compete with the versatility of Boykin or the raw talent of Norman, so I can immediately bump them off of the list. Comparing Norman to Boykin is tough, but in the end I lean toward Boykin for his greater character and more polished game.

On the free safety side of the equation, I've got Markelle Martin out of Oklahoma State to compare against Boykin. While FS is arguably the greatest need for the Patriots, I think Martin is just a little too raw and doesn't offer as much value at pick No. 48 as Boykin does. Boykin will quickly give them a solid nickel back and he will flourish into a premier slot corner, something the Patriots have been lacking for a while now. Additionally, Boykin fills a void in a Patriots special teams unit that has been empty since Brandon Tate left for the Bengals.

I've got Boykin rated about 10 selections prior to this one, so he's great value. He also fills a need on two team units and seems like he's got a lot going for him. I have no doubt he'll quickly get up to speed having to practice across from the best slot receiver in the league.


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