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2012 POD Mock Draft: New England Patriots Select Markelle Martin

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With the 62nd pick of Pride of Detroit's 2012 NFL mock draft, the New England Patriots select Oklahoma State safety Markelle Martin. Mavyrk is serving as the Patriots' general manager, and his reasoning for the pick is below.

As this is my fourth pick in this draft, after picking up a pass rusher, a future center and a nickel corner, the list of needs has grown short. I'm still in the market for a wide receiver and a free safety in this draft, and whichever one I don't pick here will be picked up in later (undone) rounds. After those two, the Patriots are likely to target some more depth pass rushers and a depth 3-4 DE/4-3 DT; so if the value is there over a receiver or a safety, I could find myself selecting either of those positions at No. 62 overall.

However, my pick was pretty much made for me just as it was when I picked 31st overall. As another player I was considering last pick has fallen to this pick, I can happily take him here for good value. The Patriot woes at free safety are notorious, and in picking Markelle Martin I snatch up the best one in the draft. He would have been a reach at 48th overall, but I feel his value lines up just fine here.

Martin (6'1", 198) is a prototypical "gifted athlete" with a rangy frame, good instincts, burst and range. That said, this is a boom/bust type of pick, as his tackling is bad enough that he may never pan out. That said, if he can improve his tackling over the offseason there is a strong chance of him being the starting man at FS for the 2012 season.


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