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NFL Draft Rumors: Lions 'Open' To Trading Down

You have to love the lead-up to the NFL Draft. Right now, there are so many rumors swirling with the first round nearing that some media reports are being contradicted by others. This is a time of misinformation, and at this point it's really impossible to determine what is or isn't true.

For example, earlier today John Clayton reported that the Lions "would love" to move up in the first round to draft Mark Barron. This isn't a surprise, nor is this report from Adam Schefter, which says the Lions would be open to trading back:

To recap: The Lions would apparently be happy with moving up to get a defensive back, and they would also seemingly be fine with moving down. And, of course, they would likely have no problem staying put and simply using the 23rd overall pick. At this point, I'm ready to just fast forward to tonight so we can find out what will actually happen.

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