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2012 Detroit Lions Draft Picks: Six Selections To Go

With the first day of the 2012 NFL Draft now in the rear-view mirror and the Detroit Lions not making any trades yet, they now have six picks remaining. Two of those picks are set for today during the second and third rounds. The rest of the picks are set to come in the final four rounds of the draft on Saturday. Here's a breakdown:



  • Round 2 - 22nd, 54th overall
  • Round 3 - 22nd, 85th overall


  • Round 4 - 22nd, 117th overall
  • Round 5 - 23rd, 158th overall
  • Round 6 - 22nd (forfeited)
  • Round 7 (from Seattle) - 12th, 219th overall
  • Round 7 - 23rd, 230th overall

This list is dependent on no trades happening with the Lions. It seems unlikely that at least one move won't be made, so chances are by the time the draft wraps up on Saturday, some of the Lions' picks will look a bit different from what is on this list.

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