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VIDEO: Calvin Johnson Announces Riley Reiff Pick

Getty Images

When the Detroit Lions' first-round pick was announced on Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wasn't the one who revealed the selection. Instead, Goodell brought up Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson to make the announcement. Johnson quickly thanked fans for voting him onto the cover of Madden 13 and then broke the news that the Lions decided to go with Iowa offensive tackle Riley Reiff with the 23rd overall pick.

Here's video of Johnson announcing the selection:

Today, the Lions' second-round pick (22nd in round two and 54th overall) will be announced by former Lions running back Barry Sanders. Last year, Sanders announced the Lions' pick of Titus Young in the second round of the draft, and he was invited back by the NFL and the Lions this year to once again do the honors.

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