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Lions Reportedly Will Sign Quinn Barham, Sam Proctor, Ronnie Sneed, Jared Karstetter

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The Detroit Lions have added four more undrafted free agents, according to reports. The players that appear to have signed or will sign with the team are Penn State offensive tackle Quinn Barham, Oklahoma safety Sam Proctor, Kentucky linebacker Ronnie Sneed and Washington State wide receiver Jared Karstetter.

After the jump is a look at where the sources of these reports came from.

Barham himself tweeted the news about joining the Lions.

The news about Proctor was tweeted by former college teammate Gabe Lynn and seemingly confirmed by Ryan Broyles, who is excited to have yet another Oklahoma Sooner headed to Detroit.

The news about Sneed came from Rivals' Ben Jones.

Finally, the news about Karstetter originated from a Washington State blog.

With four more players in the fold, the total of known undrafted free agent additions is up to nine.

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