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2012 NFL Draft: Quotes From Detroit Lions Pick Chris Greenwood

New Detroit Lions cornerback Chris Greenwood drove down from the Flint area on Saturday to meet with the media in person after he was picked 148th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. The transcript of the press conference, via the Lions, is below.

On whether he expected to be drafted: "I wasn't really sure, but I had high hopes. I expected to go where God wanted me to go and when he wanted me to go."

On how many teams other than the Lions did he visit before the draft: "I visited eight other teams. So I've been around a little bit."

On whether he ever dreamed of playing at Ford Field growing up in Detroit: "Yeah, definitely. We actually played at Ford Field for the City Championship a couple times. It was definitely something that's been with me all my life."

On whether he feels he can make the transition from Division III football to the NFL: "I definitely do. I'm going to work hard to contribute in whatever way I can to help the team."

On how he made his way to Albion: "I actually went to three different colleges. The opportunity at Albion was the one that presented itself as the having the most opportunity and it got me here in the long run.

"The first school was Northwood University; the second was Eastern Michigan University."

On whether he grew up as a Lions fan: "I'm always rooting for the Lions; they were a hometown team of course, so yeah, I always rooted for the Lions."

On whether he feels like a long shot: "Not really. I feel like if I work hard and do the things I know I can do, then I'll have a good shot."

On the comparison to Cowboys' CB Brandon Carr: "He's probably one of the better corners in the League. He's started since he got in the league, so that's not a bad comparison. We're around the same size and weight, so I feel like it's a decent comparison."

On what it was like when he and his family found out that he had been drafted by his hometown team: "I was actually on the phone and they were all gathered around and they saw my name scroll across the bottom of the screen and it was an eruption."

On when he realized that NFL scouts were noticing him and that he could end up in the NFL: "My junior year I had a team come in to work me out and during the season there were a lot of teams in and out of school that I would see. I felt like I had a good shot."

On what he feels his strengths are as an athlete: "I think it's mostly my height and speed. There's not too many guys my size at my position. So you know, just with the hard work that I've put in, it's prepared me for it."

On what his 40-time was at the University of Michigan Pro Day: "The fastest I heard was 4.34. I'm not sure if that's official or not, but that's what I heard."

On whether he was in Detroit when he got drafted: "No, I was actually up in Flint. My Mom is from Flint and all my aunties, so that's where I was, spending it with my family."

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