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2012 NFL Draft: Quotes From Detroit Lions Pick Jonte Green

New Detroit Lions cornerback Jonte Green held a conference call with the media after he was picked 196th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. The transcript of the call, via the Lions, is below.

On visit with Lions: "My visit was great. I knew Coach (Marcus) Robertson, I saw him at my pro-day. He already had high expectations of me; he knows what kind of player I can become. I came in there, met the coach and felt real good about the opportunity and I actually feel real good about the team."

On his strengths: "My speed, I run a 4.3 40. So that's my strength."

On ending up in New Mexico: "I met a coach named Kendall Roberson and he brought me in over there and gave me the opportunity to play. Coach DeWayne Walker, the head coach of New Mexico State gave me the opportunity and I ended up starting over there three years - worked out good for me."

On CB being position of need for Lions: "Yeah, I'm aware of that. I just want to go in there and work hard."

On height and weight: "I'm close to 6 foot and I weigh 191."

Transition from Florida State to New Mexico: "It was different coming from Florida. Florida is pretty much a city. It was kind of the desert, mountains everywhere. The good thing about it was there weren't a lot of distractions so I was always focused on what I needed to do."

On weight gain: "I just went harder in the weight room and worked with our strength and conditioning coach. I took a serious leap and I was able to put on some weight. I haven't lost any of that speed."

On best receiver he's played: "Number 12 from Georgia."

On what he has to work on the most: "Transitioning from college to the NFL, knowing different kinds of schemes."

On playing against Lions WR Titus Young: "I did good. He's a good player. It was good competition out there."

On if he shut him down: "I wouldn't say shut him down. He didn't really do as much as he did to other teams."

On weakest part of game: "I played man-to-man in college so I need to learn to play different covers like zone, cover 3, cover 2, it's not always going to be man-to-man in the NFL - especially switching up my schemes and my technique."

On experience with zone drills: "Oh yeah. Coach Robertson, when he came out to my pro-day, worked on different drills. Every drill we did you know it's going to happen in the NFL. Transition drills, coming out of your breaks. Working with him gave me confidence."

On knowledge of Lions: "I followed Megatron. I love watching Megatron. Covering him at practice will definitely make me better, covering the greatest receiver in the NFL."

On wearing the No. 1: "I know No. 1 is the guy on the team. The guy on defense, the No.1 guy on that team, the No. 1 corner - that's the reason I got it."

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