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2012 NFL Draft: Quotes From Detroit Lions Pick Travis Lewis

New Detroit Lions linebacker Travis Lewis held a conference call with the media after he was picked 223rd overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. The transcript of the call, via the Lions, is below.

On his combine performance: "I think they weren't too impressed with my combine numbers which I don't blame them. There was a team that took a look at my film and saw a good football player and I'm just happy it was the Lions."

On leading in tackles at OU four years: "It's not about stats sometimes. It's all about how fast you run and how high you can jump. I'm just happy they saw something in me and that I'm going to prove them right and I'm going to prove a lot of teams wrong. I'm going to carry that mentality with me to Detroit."

On fitting in 4-3 system: "I couldn't be happier with the system they run and the defensive line that we have in front of us. It is an incredible opportunity for me as a linebacker in their system. It's a perfect fit."

On what he was doing during draft: "It got kind of hectic there for a few hours, not going to lie. It was a big sigh of relief seeing my name across that screen and then getting the phone call so it got a little hectic and a little stressful but I'm just glad my name was called."

On teammates going to Lions: "I'm happy for those guys. I'm always happy to see my teammates do good in the draft but I was more happy to see us go to the same team and to be able to continue our careers together."

On seeing his name before the call: "I was actually on the phone with my agent and having phone problems. It was a bad time, I got the call after. I talked to them after I saw my name flash across the screen."

On his weight: "I'm about 239-240. Most teams were saying we want to see you run, we know you can run. We know the type of speed you have, we've watched your film. They just want me to be able to run. I think that's my most comfortable weight and I think I might have done too much trying to be something that I'm not. So the Lions are definitely going to get a fast, very explosive linebacker."

On if he's a steal in the draft: "I'm just happy to be drafted. I'm happy to have this opportunity. A big mantra for me is, it's not where you get drafted it's what you do after you get drafted. I feel like I was one of the top linebackers in the draft and now I just got to go out and prove it."

On if there's now a chip on his shoulder: "Absolutely there's a chip. All I can think about is I have two weeks to get into the best shape of my life and show up at mini-camp ready to roll."

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