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Nike NFL Uniforms: Detroit Lions Not Permitted To Change Design

UPDATE: You can check out the new Nike Lions uniforms here.

In just a bit, fans will get their first chance to see what uniforms teams will be wearing in 2012. Nike's new NFL uniforms are being unveiled in New York City today, and finally, after a year of speculation, we will get to see what the Detroit Lions' new unis look like.

While some teams may be making changes to the design of their uniforms, the Lions are not one of them. As Tim Twentyman writes, this is because the Lions aren't actually allowed to alter the design of their uniforms. Because they changed the design in 2009, they have to wait a couple more years before any more changes are made.

"Anyone who was outside of that five-year window could do something and some teams did," Lions equipment manager Tim O’Neill told "We couldn’t do anything to our uniform, but that being said, it is going to look different because we used to be in that cloth diamond mesh."

Although the actual design isn't going to change, the change in fabric could give the Lions a bit of a different look than usual. For example, Twentyman reports that the pants might look like a "duller gray" than the usual "shiny silver," so that will be something to keep an eye on.

For a look at some of the Nike Lions gear that is already out, check out our post from Monday.

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