potential 2nd & 3rd day draft picks?

I've heard and read a lot about potential round 1 draft picks for the Lions. Any ideas on who the Lions might look at for later round picks?

We've had two drafts with the Mayhew/Schwartz tandem, so I feel like we can get a better idea of what the Lions potentially look for in draft picks. One thing seems obvious, they hardly ever reach for need, almost always taking the best available player regardless of position.

Personally, I would love the Lions to draft a guy like Mike Martin out of Michigan. Some of you might be saying the last thing we need is another DT, but if there is one thing the Giants have proven with their super bowl winning teams, is that you can not have enough talent in a single unit. He's a high motor guy and seems to have no character issues, which I think the Lions HAVE to take into account this draft. But I am bias for the guys with winged helmets.

Another guy I like, who I saw play at the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl, is WR T.Y. Hilton out of Florida International. Nate is getting up there in age, plus Davis and Stoval do not appear to be very productive as our 4th WR.

Eric Page from Toledo is another WR I think the Lions should consider looking at. He was very productive, even if it was in the MAC. Page or Hilton could sit at the bottom of the depth chart this season, learn from CJ, Nate, & Young then step in the following year and hopefully produce.

Any body have any ideas for some late round picks?

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