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VIDEO: Presenting The Detroit Lions' Anti-"Grass" Campaign

This offseason has not been kind to the Detroit Lions' 2011 draft class. Really, the past year hasn't been too kind to the 2011 draft class outside of Titus Young and Doug Hogue. Running back Mikel Leshoure, defensive tackle Nick Fairley and offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath all dealt with injuries (or an illness in Culbreath's case) that hampered their rookie seasons. Now, in the offseason, they are dealing with issues off the field.

All three players have been caught with marijuana this offseason. While Culbreath's issue back in January didn't seem like a big deal, this has been a hot topic among Lions fans with news about Leshoure and Fairley being charged with possession of marijuana coming out in a span of a couple days. Fans are starting to question the picks and potential future picks. There is a lot of hysteria about the whole situation, and out of concern for potential future issues, Jerry Mallory has put together an anti-"grass" campaign that makes light of the situation. Check it out:

But seriously, guys, stop smoking marijuana, or at the very least keep it in a place that won't get you caught.

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