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Nothing Has Changed With Safeties Lions Hosted For Visits

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Over the course of this offseason, the Detroit Lions have hosted three free-agent safeties for visits. Oshiomogho Atogwe was the first to come in back in March. More recently, the Lions brought in Chris Crocker and Sean Jones.

So far, all three of these players are still free agents. Nothing has really developed with any of them, although Crocker is scheduled to visit the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday. In general, there isn't much to report on the three safeties, especially as it relates to the Lions.

At some point, you'd think the Lions would sign at least one veteran safety to add some depth and competition for training camp. They haven't had these visits for nothing, and although nothing is happening right now, guys like Atogwe and Crocker and Jones will likely try to find a new team before training camps around the league start to get underway in a couple months.

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