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Lions Don't Sign Christian Bollmann After Workout

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As mentioned on Tuesday, the Detroit Lions brought in German wide receiver Christian Bollmann this week for a workout. The Lions discovered Bollmann, who plays in a football league in Germany, through Phil Hickey, who coaches Bollmann and emailed Martin Mayhew about him last week. Hickey and Mayhew apparently worked together in the XFL (yes, Mayhew once worked in the XFL).

The workout took place on Wednesday, and it didn't result in a contract for Bollmann, at least not for now. Here's more from Dave Birkett:

Bollmann, a 6-foot-5, 220-pound 23-year-old considered one of the top receivers in European football, had a good workout but ran a slower than expected 40-yard dash time, his German Football League coach Phil Hickey said.

If the Lions are in need of another receiver for training camp, I'm sure Bollmann will at the very least be kept in mind. For now, though, he appears to be headed back to Germany to continue playing football across the pond.

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