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Lions Have Another Chance To Claim Kevin Murphy Off Waivers

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Undrafted free agent Kevin Murphy is once again looking for a new team. The offensive tackle from Harvard was signed by the San Francisco 49ers after the draft, but he was released earlier this week. He drew a good deal of interest from other NFL teams, as the Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans and Detroit Lions all put in a waiver claim for him. He was awarded to the Vikings, but he is now once again on waivers.

Both the Lions and Texans now once again have a chance to claim Murphy. While it's not exactly encouraging that Murphy has quickly been released from two different teams, perhaps the Lions and Texans still want a look at him for themselves.

If both the Lions and Texans put in a waiver claim, I believe Murphy would be headed to Houston. The two teams finished with the same record in 2011, but the Texans played an easier schedule. As a result, they should be higher on the waiver priority list.

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