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Follow Detroit Lions' 2012 Draft Picks On Twitter

Almost all of the Detroit Lions' 2012 NFL Draft picks are on Twitter. The only pick who isn't is offensive tackle Riley Reiff, the Lions' first-round selection. The other seven picks can be followed at the following pages: @RyanBroyles, @BB5LIVE, @rlewis2456, @Big_Tah47, @gwood2, @GreenJonte and @TravisLewis28.

If you want to follow all of this year's draft picks, along with undrafted free agents and players already on the team, check out our "Lions On Twitter" list. There are 57 people on it and it includes players on the team, as well as Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and team president Tom Lewand. Here's a look at what you can find in the list (this is also located in the left sidebar of the site):

Also, don't forget you can follow Pride of Detroit on Twitter @PrideOfDetroit. You can also like us on Facebook for more discussion and information about the Detroit Lions.