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Stephen Tulloch Out Rest Of Month Due To Knee Tendinitis

I promise you that there will be some good news to talk about later in the day, but for now we are continuing "Bad News Monday" with an update on Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch.

Last week, Tulloch was on crutches because of knee tendinitis. Although he also had a wrap on his knee, Tulloch still was expecting to take part in the team's OTAs, which began on Monday. That did not happen, though. Tulloch was absent from Monday's practice after having an injection for his tendinitis, according to Tim Twentyman. What's more, Tulloch is expected to miss the rest of this month's OTAs because of the injury.

The silver lining is that Tulloch is dealing with this in May, when the regular season is still four months away. Training camp is still two months away, so hopefully by then this will no longer be an issue for Tulloch.

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