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Nate Burleson Minimizes Titus Young-Louis Delmas Incident

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Following Tuesday's OTA session, Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson spoke about the incident that occurred last week between fellow wide receiver Titus Young and safety Louis Delmas. Burleson provided a lot of good insight into the situation by talking both about Young and fights that go on between teammates in the NFL.

When asked about Young, Burleson said that the second-year receiver is "just ready to work" and is "one of the hungriest young athletes" he's been around. Burleson mentioned that he doesn't know when Young will be back, but he thinks everything will be "business as usual" when Young does return. (Side note: Burleson's comments strongly suggest that if it were up to Young, he'd be working out with the team right now.)

As for the actual incident, here's what Burleson had to say:

"We (Burleson and Stephen Tulloch) were working out," Burleson said. "I don't know if it was a punch, a push or a shove. It's one of those things that happen all the time. When I played in Minnesota, we fought like every other day, and we were the closest team that I've been on up until that point. A scuffle in every eight or nine months here, that's something rare. That shows you we don't do it often.

"In '03, fights were part of the game. It's just with a lot of the rule changes and discipline problems, people frown upon stuff like that. I would just like to say it wasn't that serious."

Basically, Burleson doesn't think what happened is that big of a deal. Obviously, it's not okay to go around sucker punching a teammate, but it really doesn't sound like this will be much of a long-term issue. Young made a mistake, and Burleson said that people need to "realize we all make mistakes." I can't disagree with that, and I'm just glad that it was one isolated incident and not as serious as some of the stuff Burleson mentioned that happened in Minnesota. For example:

Burleson later said that there are no cancers on the team and nobody on the team is dragging them down, so I think everybody will put this situation behind them once Young returns.

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