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Three Lions Make CBS Sports' Top 100 Players List

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Last week, CBS Sports' Pete Prisco posted a list of his top 100 players in the NFL. Unlike the top 100 show on NFL Network, this list wasn't voted on by the players, but rather assembled based on Prisco's own thoughts, as well as thoughts he has overheard from scouts.

Three Detroit Lions players made Prisco's list. You can probably guess who they are and what order they're in, as their inclusion isn't a big surprise. Here's the breakdown:

  • No. 4 - WR Calvin Johnson
  • No. 50 - QB Matthew Stafford
  • No. 74 - DT Ndamukong Suh

My instant reaction is that Johnson is right where he belongs, Stafford is a bit underrated and Suh is probably right where he belongs. Johnson is the best wide receiver in football, so there's no doubt he is a top-five player. While Stafford played much better than 50th in the NFL last season, I do get that it was only one year and there is a need to keep it going over multiple seasons. As for Suh, I think Prisco said it best: "He was good at times last season, but not as good as he was as a rookie."

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