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Lions Really Don't Want Nick Fairley, Titus Young Speaking To Media

As mentioned earlier, the Detroit Lions decided to close their locker room to the media following Tuesday's OTA session. Unlike last week, the team decided to not let the media in because the majority of the questions would be about Nick Fairley's arrest and Titus Young's alleged sucker punch since he returned today.

In addition to closing the locker room, the Lions also ensured that the media couldn't ask either player any questions as they left the practice field. Just how bad did the team want them to avoid the media? They actually had team security escort them off the field.

This isn't a big surprise, and from a PR standpoint, it makes sense for the Lions to not have Fairley and Young being grilled by the media. Even so, it's not like they are going to be able to avoid speaking to the media forever. They obviously aren't going to be forced to answer questions about their off-field incidents and can just offer up a "no comment," but I personally think it would be nice for them to own up to their mistakes and get this out of the way now rather than later. The Lions obviously feel differently about the situation, though.

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