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VIDEO: Analyzing Titus Young

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Titus Young showed a lot of promise on the field in his rookie season, but so far in the 2012 offseason, he hasn't shown any promise off the field. There have been reports about Young being apathetic during workouts earlier in the offseason, and the big story last week was that he was absent from OTAs due to an alleged sucker punch on Louis Delmas.

This week, Young returned and released a statement to apologize for his actions. The obvious hope is that this will be the last off-field incident we hear about involving Young. He is a promising young talent, but you can't go around hitting a teammate. You also can't take dumb penalties on the field like he did against the New Orleans Saints last season. This and more is discussed in Jerry Mallory's latest video for SB Nation and Pride of Detroit, which you can check out below.

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