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Latest On Ryan Grant's Visit With Lions

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Free-agent running back Ryan Grant is scheduled to visit the Detroit Lions today, at least that is what his agent claimed last week. Reports this morning suggest there is nothing planned today in Allen Park, though. Chris McCosky reported this morning that it didn't sound like there would be a visit from Grant today. He later said that a private meeting could be scheduled, but he was told nothing was going on in Allen Park. Anwar Richardson heard something similar.

Typically, free agents who visit the Lions come to Allen Park in order to get a look at the facility and meet with front office personnel and coaches. It allows them to get acclimated to the facility and give them a look at where most of their time would be spent if they decided to sign with the Lions.

Considering Grant supposedly already has an offer, you would think his visit would involve going to the facility. Even if negotiations still need to take place to work out a deal, it seems like they would happen after a visit to the facility, so I'm not sure what exactly is up.

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